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Independent directorship

Midmar Capital can provide professional independent directors for both investment firms and investment fund boards.

Besides improving the efficiency of the board and helping to ensure that the fund is operating sound practice in all areas, our involvement can bring real commercial benefits as it provides reassurance and confidence to investors and regulators.

The benefits that we bring to hedge fund and investment fund boards include:

Investment expertise

We will provide you with a qualified investment professional director who will: actively engage with the portfolio manager; assess the types of risks being taken within the fund; promote a pro-active agenda and good governance for the board; monitor the business operations of the fund and the activities of the service providers; and keep the board up-to-date with the latest commercial and regulatory developments.

Good governance

The investment industry should be at the forefront of the drive towards better governance in the corporate world. By employing effective, professional independent directors within their own funds, the industry has the opportunity to lead by example.

We can assess the quality of your corporate governance procedures in the context of recognised standards of sound practice published by independent authorities such as the Institute of Directors (IOD), the Association of Investment Companies (AIC), the Alternative Investment Managers Association (AIMA) and the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA).

Third party service provider reviews

We can help investment fund boards to conduct due diligence on and evaluate third-party service providers such as investment advisers, custodians and administrators.

Sound Practice Reviews

We can also draw together all of these elements: investment review, governance review and third party service provider review into a comprehensive review for the board of all aspects of a fund’s activities that will take account of compliance with industry ‘Sound Practices’ codes such as those published by AIMA.

High profile failures in the financial system and fraud in the funds industry have focused renewed attention on corporate governance and the role of independent directors on investment fund boards. Many institutional investors require a set standard of governance before they will invest in a fund.

We can provide you with an independent director who will create real positive benefits in terms of improved governance, due diligence, operational efficiency, risk control and marketability.
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